Who We Are

The Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company (“FDHIC”) is one of Africa’s leading healthcare and wellness company that aims to make healthcare affordable, accessible, and acceptable across the continent. FDHIC specializes in delivering innovative tech-enabled Public Private Partnership (PPP) healthcare projects across Africa, combining infrastructure financing with enabling technologies to deliver on our aim.

We invest in technology-enabled early-stage and growth-stage businesses across the healthcare value chain.


Our vision is based on three main pillars:

01 Business as a force of good

We believe that the best way to erase poverty is through the power of markets. The fourth industrial revolution is here and Africa has the opportunity to catch up and claim the place it deserves on the global map.


Our vision is based on three main pillars:

02 Socially responsible, impactful, and profitable

We want to demonstrate that socially-responsible businesses and investment returns are not mutually exclusive. Making profits while making a change is the foundation that Africa’s future should be built on


Our vision is based on three main pillars:

03 Ideas and talents are universal, but opportunities are not

Africa’s problems are also a source of unmatched opportunities. We get behind visionary entrepreneurs who are aiming to change the healthcare and wellness landscape.

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What We Do

The Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company invests exclusively in the healthcare and wellness value chain. The current sub-sectors in which we invest and operate include:

What we have done so far

The Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company’s portfolio valuation is estimated at over $200m. We are backing not only game-changing companies but also high-profit potential ventures. The constituents feature innovators and niche-leaders, including: Mdaas Global, Helium Health, Chisco Express, Lifestores Pharmacy, and Koniku.

  • March 2010 – A feasibility study was conducted by Dr. Ola Brown, who has just relocated to Nigeria to launch this business.

  • March 2011 – Completed all company registration processes and executed our first fixed rotary wing medical evacuation.

  • April 2012 – Welcomed two new board members – Dr. Leke Pitan and Capt. Kiddie Dare. Together, we started operating our first two clinics.

  • June 2013 – Kick-started our healthcare consulting line of the business.

  • March 2014 – Began our offshore medical evaluation business.

  • August 2015 – Launched our new initiative, Emergency Transport Unit (ETU), which ensures the opportunity for more patients to access medical air transfer at a cost-efficient rate.

  • May 2016 – Launched the sale of our Evacuation membership plan that guarantees subscribers access to air ambulance transfers and hospitalization in the event of a medical emergency.

  • 2016 – Invested in PayStack (FinTech), RIBY (FinTech), Eazy Hire (Logistics) and Big Cabal (Media).

  • July 2017 – Acquired our baby pod which allows us to transport pre-term babies via air and ground ambulance.

  • 2018 – Invested in Mdass Global (Diagnostics)

  • 2019 – Invested in Lifestores Pharmacy (Retail Pharmacy)

  • August 2019 – Awarded International Assistance Group (IAG) accreditation. Invested in Pharmaceutical & Diagnostic centers

  • April 2020 – Launched our healthcare construction line and brought together all activities under the Flying Doctors Investment Group umbrella.

  • 2020 – Invested in Koniku (VOC Detection), SynGen Pharma (Drug Manufacturing), Helium Health (Telemedicine/Electronic Medical Record) and Chisco Express (Health/Wellness Logistics).

  • May 2020 – Invented testing booth for faster/safer/cheaper COVID-19 test in 16 states in Nigeria

  • June 2020 – Entered a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with Ogun State to open up our Sagamu Molecular laboratory. We also opened our Rivers Molecular laboratory.

  • July 2020 – Procured the Isolation Pod (ISOPOD) which is used to safely transfer patients with infectious disease (such as COVID-19). We also conducted our first COVID-19 evacuation.

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