Africa is underperforming in almost every healthcare and financial inclusion metric. The Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company (FDHIC) Catalyst Fund is harnessing resources through syndicate investments to solve our continent’s most pressing challenges.

The Challenge in Numbers

According to the International Finance Corporation, only a few countries in Africa spend between $34 to $40 a year per person on healthcare as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

This has led to, among other issues, very high infant and maternal mortality rates across Africa. In Nigeria, for example, the WHO reports that 413 of every 100,000 women who go into labour die of childbirth complications.

What We Believe

Solving Africa’s healthcare and finance challenge requires a holistic approach to drive financial inclusion through private sector investments.

An improved financial ecosystem will guarantee business expansion, health insurance adoption, improved standard of living while contributing to overall economic growth & development.

We also remain committed to Innovative tech-enabled Public Private Partnership (PPP) healthcare projects that will help solve some of Africa’s healthcare problems.

What We Are Doing

Through the new Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company (FDHIC) Catalyst Fund, we are building an investor collective that will tackle Africa’s healthcare and financial inclusion challenges by backing technology-enabled healthtech and fintech startups in the early or growth stage.

Our Vision

Our goal is to make healthcare affordable, accessible, and acceptable across the African continent. Over the years, FDHIC has supported Africa’s healthcare sector through public-private partnership projects, funding of tech-enabled businesses and provision of advisory services to corporate and individual clients across the continent.

The  FDHIC Catalyst Fund

Our Catalyst Fund offers corporate bodies and individuals, anywhere in the world, an opportunity to invest in, and get returns from, Africa-based HealthTech and FinTech Investments combined with the satisfaction of making sustainable  impacts in underserved communities.

We provide qualified investors – who are a part of our investors collective – with vetted investment opportunities in the Fintech and HealthTech space.

The FDHIC Catalyst Fund will channel its investments through deal-specific syndicate investment vehicles domiciled in the USA. 

Deep Subject Matter Expertise Matters

With the new FDHIC Catalyst Fund, we are managing an investment collective for HealthTech and FinTech startups – areas where we have proven to have deep subject matter expertise.

FDHIC has investments in companies like Mdaas Global, Helium health, Chisco express, Lifestores Pharmacy & Sygen, etc.

Our Founder and Management team have deep sector expertise in healthcare and finance from years of work and study. At FDHIC CF, we will bring to bear our investment analysis and portfolio management experience.

Who is this For?

We have decided to democratize the membership of our catalyst fund in order to break away from the conventional. We want to give time-strapped executives and mid-level professionals the opportunity to get high-value returns without facing the attendant rigours of managing a full time business.

Our Track Record

Beyond investing in technology-enabled early-stage and growth-stage businesses across the healthcare value chain, the FDHIC also specializes in delivering innovative tech-enabled Public Private Partnership (PPP) healthcare projects across Africa, combining infrastructure financing with enabling technologies to achieve deliverables across African countries.

Join Us

We are currently offering individuals and corporate entities, the opportunity to subscribe to be a member of our investors collective, in preparation for deal sourcing, evaluation and eventual investment.

Prospective members and investors can make inquiries through our email address: Alternatively, keep a tab on our website – – for real time updates.

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