The FDHIC Catalyst Fund

FDHIC Catalyst Fund LLC 1 (“The FDHIC Catalyst Fund”) is the name of an entity registered in the United States of America.

The FDHIC Catalyst Fund operates the FDHIC Investor collective – a community of members that share knowledge and information about angel investments in early-stage start-ups i.e. healthtechs and fintechs.

Members of the FDHIC investor collective invest directly into companies, however, our ecosystem provide a link between qualified investors with investment opportunities in the Fintech and HealthTech space. 

The FDHIC Catalyst Fund does not in any way solicit funds from investors or provide investment advice. However, we collect periodic membership dues to cover administrative cost such as cost of information gathering and regulatory cost.

The FDHIC Investor collective is similar to a tennis club, a book club or a wine club that supports its members by providing valuable information and promoting shared values. 

Value Proposition

FDHIC’s unique value proposition is centered around five core themes.


Strong founder reputation and deep investor networks

The Founder of FDHIC has a strong brand which is completed by deep investor network which can be leveraged for follow-up funding in investee companies.


Strong VC Investments & Portfolio Experience

FDHIC has successfully invested in successful startups including Paystack, Helium Health and Reelfruit.


Deep subject matter expertise

FDHIC’s team consists of a mix of financial analysts, bankers, doctors & pharmaceutical executives dedicated to providing insights and advise to start-ups. 


Specialized Focus

FDHIC’s specialized focus in healthcare provides a unique opportunity for deal sourcing and portfolio synergies.


Strategy, Fundraising, Business Development and HR Support

FDHIC supports portfolio companies with activities that are critical to success particularly with respect to subsequent fundraising rounds. 

Deal Assessment

In line with FDHIC’s prior experience, investment analysis and due diligence will be performed to assess the deal variables highlighted below:

Becoming a member of FDHIC Investor Collective

FDHIC will display high level professionalism and commitment towards syndicate members from onboarding till exit.

  • 01

    Visit FDHIC’s website and speak with FDHIC’s rep(optional)

  • 02

    Complete FDHIC’s membership evaluation form

  • 03

    Receive feedback on membership evaluation

  • 04

    Pay subscription fee and sign membership contract

  • 05

    Member receives deal memos for vetted deals from FDHIC

  • 06

    Member selects preferred deals and makes payments to FDHIC

  • 07

    FDHIC invests in selected deals and completes documentation

  • 09

    FDHIC exits investments within five to seven years

Continous stakeholder engagement and reporting

Service Offering

Investors are broadly categorised into individuals and corporates

Access to investing in at least 5 vetted deals every quarterTick SquareTick Square
Inclusion of senior executives into FDHIC’s database for Board Seat Consideration in StartupsTick SquareTick Square
Portfolio ManagementTick SquareTick Square
Detailed Annual ReportTick SquareTick Square
Right of election to exit upon liquidity eventTick SquareTick Square
Minimum Investment Per Deal$2,500$4,000

Membership of the FDHIC CF is contingent upon the payment of membership fees

Subscription Fee


$300 / Quarter
$1,000 / Annum


$1,000 / Quarter
$3,500 / Annum

Carried Interest

FDHIC will earn a 20% carry on positive investment returns generated by each syndicate at exit.

Deal Fee

A deal fee computed as 1% of invested amount will be deducted on each investment to cover legal and administrative costs of investment.

Team Structure

FDHIC’s team of experts is responsible for the management of FDHIC CF.

Investment Analysts and Associates

Portfolio Managers

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Dr Ola Brown

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FDHIC Investor Collective is a community of vetted FDHIC investors focused on catalyzing growth in Africa’s tech ecosystem with a focus on health-techs and fintechs through syndicate investment vehicles.

You can complete the FDHIC membership evaluation form on our website-  

Membership is restricted to qualified investors upon completion of FDHIC’s membership evaluation form.

Individuals are required to pay $300/Quarter & $1000/Annum while Corporates pay $1000/Quarter & $3500/Annum

$2500 for Individuals and $4000 for corporates.

Venture capital investments are high risk and there is no guarantee on investment.

FDHIC leverages its strong networks in sourcing deals

FDHIC leverages its holistic deal assessment framework (including a due diligence) to vet deals. 

Send a pitch deck and/or investment memorandum to

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