When the COVID-19 pandemic began, it was difficult to imagine there would be light at the end of the tunnel. Economies around the world crumbled as humans and businesses went on lockdown. The focus on healthcare systems and services heightened as the pandemic exposed the lapses in healthcare systems across the globe. 

In Nigeria, containment measures such as issuing lockdown orders, border closure, ban on large physical gatherings, social distancing, and mandatory use of nose masks in public were put in place. Although the lives lost at the peak of the pandemic cast a shadow on the progress made so far – but none can deny that progress has indeed been made.

Healthcare companies like MDaaS Global launched and continue to provide digital health solutions to fight COVID-19. One of such digital health solutions is the Sentinel X.

Sentinel X is an expert disease surveillance and health monitoring platform that helps employers minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection in the workplace. It also helps employees proactively manage their health over time.

With the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions, more businesses are set to open. It is crucial to ensure that businesses – and people – are safe to resume. Sentinel X provides employers with a platform to protect their employees and business during this pandemic.

With Sentinel X, you can see a complete, real-time picture of your employees’ health and get notified of risks early enough before they become health problems that affect the business. Sentinel X helps an organisation demonstrate how important it takes the health and safety of staff. 


To minimize the spread of Covid-19, Sentinel X works in three stages. This includes a pre-screening, continuous monitoring and pro-active health management stage.


As mentioned, the pre-screening stage is the first of the three stages on the Sentinel X platform. Here, the medical professionals assigned to your company pre-screen employees for COVID-19 and other underlying conditions using AI-assisted radiology, latest COVID-19 antibody rapid test kits, and comprehensive symptom checkers.

For any suspected case of COVID-19, they are referred to a partner molecular laboratory for further testing.

Continuous Monitoring

COVID-19 testing or infection is not a one-time thing. Meaning, it important to continually check for signs and symptoms. This is why continuous monitoring is important for health and safety reasons.

By using Sentinel X, you are provided with a dedicated health and safety team that collects COVID-19 indicators: temperature, blood saturation, and symptoms – from employees daily. As an employer, you are assured of your entire team’s safety. This is possible with real-time information sharing on the Sentinel X dashboard along with actionable insights.

Proactive Health Management

Aside from pre-screening and continuous monitoring for COVID-19, Sentinel X affords you the opportunity to be proactive in health management. Therefore, there is a provision for personal health coaching for your employees.

Employees with underlying health conditions, like hypertension and diabetes, are at a higher risk for COVID-19. They are connected to a network of medical professionals to help them manage any pre-existing conditions, track their COVID-19 risk, and meet their healthcare goals.

With Sentinel X employers can be assured of their employees’ safety as well as the smooth running of the business. Click here for more information on Sentinel X or book a demo.

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