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Meet the Founder: Oshiorenoya Agabi, Koniku

Koniku is a biotechnology company that is known for its unconventional way of solving problems using a device that can detect and diagnose scent, the konikore. Koniku was founded by a Nigerian called Oshiorenoya Agabi (or just Osh). Osh has spent more than 15 years working on neuro electronic interfaces in the industry and academia.

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FDHIC: Bridging the gap between healthcare and finance

Over ten years ago, Founder Dr. Ola Brown started the first indigenous air ambulance service in West Africa; Flying Doctors Nigeria, after the tragic death of her sister due to a lack of emergency care.  As the air ambulance service grew across Africa and the Middle East, clients started requesting an increasing number of services,

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LIFE STORES – Africa’s Tech pharmacy

The rising cost of drugs in Nigeria Global healthcare expenditure is escalating at an unsustainable rate. In Nigeria, Out-of-pocket expenditures constitute nearly 90% of the total private health spending, placing a significant burden on households. This increase in drug prices could come with grave consequences of morbidity and mortality to consumers of healthcare products in

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CHISCO EXPRESS: Tech Driven Logistics

Chisco Express is a tech-enabled air and ground logistics company that specialises in the transport of food, medical supplies, drinks and other essential goods across Africa.  The Nigerian population of 200m people is growing at 3.2% per year. Poorly developed rail networks make road/air the only options, in most cases, to move the goods that

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About Oga Pharmacy 

According to BBC, low-income African countries ‘pay 30 times more’ for drugs. Our portfolio company Lifestores is using technology to solve this problem with its innovative product, Oga Pharmacy.  Oga pharmacy, is a new program from Lifestores.  The technology supports community pharmacies by both reducing costs by up to 15% and guaranteeing genuine medications. They

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The Problem: More children under 5 years die in Nigeria

According to UNICEF, Nigeria has one of the world’s highest infant mortality rate per 1,000 live births. The current infant mortality rate for Nigeria is 59.181 deaths per 1000 live births, a 2.44% decline from 2019. This high rate is mostly caused by the persisting low numbers of births occurring in health facilities and the

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