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How our Portfolio companies helped respond to COVID-19

LIFESTORES: Developed care packages for COVID19 patients isolating at home, developed ICU drug formulae for COVID19 isolation centres, partnered with Gokada to deliver drugs to chronic disease patients at home during the lockdown. HELIUM HEALTH: Telemedicine solution for doctors consultations for COVID19 patients at home. CHISCO EXPRESS: Delivered over 100 cylinders of oxygen across to

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Lifestores pharmacy, has been selected for JICA’s 2020 business plan competition in response to COVID-19 for African Startups

We are pleased to announce that lifestores pharmacy, one of our portfolio companies, has been selected for JICA’s 2020 business plan competition in response to COVID-19 for African Startups. This selection was done through Ninja (Next Innovation With Japan). Lifestores is a retail pharmacy start-up, bringing disruptive innovation to the pharmaceutical sector in Nigeria by

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MDASS- Diagnostics for the next billion

According to the WHO, Africa bears more than 24% of the global burden of disease but has access to only 3% of health workers and less than 1% of the world’s financial resources. Despite Nigeria’s strategic position in Africa, the country is greatly underserved in the healthcare space. Health facilities (health centers, personnel, and medical

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When female-led businesses seek funding to grow their business, they encounter several challenges. According to PitchBook Data, only 2.2% of all venture capital in the U.S. goes to companies founded solely by women. The lack of funding means that little attention is paid to women-backed companies which on average, perform better than those with all-male

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Healthcare Investment

HELIUM HEALTH: Africa’s Digital Hospital

The adoption of technology in health is quite slow and low in Africa compared to other developed regions. For decades, 90% of African hospitals have been operating entirely manually. In a fast-paced world, where time is of essence to saving lives, paper documentation cannot work. The expected result was a major lack in efficiency, accuracy,

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The Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company was born out of the urgent necessity to help Africans get the healthcare services they deserve. Innovation in areas like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, information technology, the development of medical devices and equipment, and more are crucial in improving the poorly developed healthcare system in Africa. It is more important than

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