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Telemedicine Solutions; Solving The Problems of Healthcare In Nigeria

Telemedicine, also known as telehealth, is a remote two-way communication between healthcare providers and patients using electronic means. With telemedicine, one can book an appointment, have a consultation and get medical advice over the phone, tablet or PC. The coronavirus pandemic has exposed a lot of people to the power of technology, thereby creating more

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#StartUp Series: How to Create a Customer-Focused Organisation

Beyond the quality of the product or service in an organisation, great customer service is a critical influencer for brand loyalty, buying behaviour and future business opportunities. Building a customer-focused company can set your brand apart from competitors, and help you scale your business. The quote “customers are always right” was coined from developing a

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Airbus Successfully Tests The Konikore

In 2017, Koniku, one of our portfolio companies, went into partnership with Airbus to solve the issue of airport and aircraft security. The konikore will detect biological hazards, and spot chemical and explosive threats within 10 seconds.  Airbus has made a significant step by partnering with the Mobile Police Department, the canine squad from Alabama

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Koniku: Global Innovation Olympian in the World 2050

Koniku, one of our portfolio companies has been announced one of five winners of the humanity prize of the Global Innovation Olympian in the World 2050. The World in 2050 challenge, is a global award, given to honour outstanding startups, research, inventions, and organizations who are solving both present and future global challenges in health,

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Accelerating Digital Health in Africa

The digital revolution in Africa has to a large extent changed the way people communicate and conduct businesses. While these changes are visible in many sectors, the impact in healthcare systems in Africa is still minute. The adoption of technology in health is quite slow and low in Africa compared to other developed regions. The

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