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When the COVID-19 pandemic began, it was difficult to imagine there would be light at the end of the tunnel. Economies around the world crumbled as humans and businesses went on lockdown. The focus on healthcare systems and services heightened as the pandemic exposed the lapses in healthcare systems across the globe.  In Nigeria, containment

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The growth of any country is largely dependent on its overall health. The growth of any healthcare system is directly tied to the quality of funding available. Many developed countries in the world have better healthcare systems because they have found a way to fund healthcare sustainably. These countries understand that healthcare is vital to

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Healthcare in Nigeria: The Social Impact of Increased Investment

“The average Nigerian is one health issue or crisis away from poverty.” This, sadly, reinforces the poor state of healthcare in Nigeria. The annual budget for healthcare is barely 4.5% of the nation’s total budgetary. The healthcare budget remains below 15.0% pledged by the head of African governments in 2001. To give perspective, the annual

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HSE During a Pandemic: 5 Ways to Keep Your Staff Safe

Nigeria recorded its index case of the pandemic on 27 February 2020 and placed different measures to curb the virus’ spread. The measures range from issuing lockdown orders to closing the country’s borders, ensuring social distancing, wearing of nose masks, etc. One thing is certain, the ‘new normal’ as we know it has impacted the

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COVID-19: How Telemedicine Can Keep You Safe

The concept of Telemedicine would seem relatively new. This is based on the limited knowledge of the process and also considering the slow rate at which technology is embraced in the healthcare space. It is also worthy to mention the misconceptions surrounding how the ‘traditional’ hospitals run. Individuals who visit and use these facilities would

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