Setting the context

According to Crunchbase, global venture investment in 2021 totaled $643 billion, compared to $335 billion for 2020—marking 92 percent growth year over year. The bulk of those deals were in software, e-commerce, digital healthcare and fin-tech companies, whose products and services have seen strong demand during the pandemic, data showed.

Data from the Brookings Institute showed that in recent decades, venture capital (VC) has generated more economic and employment growth in the U.S. than any other investment sector. In 2020, the value of venture capital investments in the U.S. amounted to over $164 billion and funds fewer than 1% of new businesses in the United States.

Annually, venture investment makes up only 0.2% of GDP but delivers an astonishing 21% of U.S. GDP in the form of VC-backed business revenues. The fact that the venture capital asset class punches above its weight in terms of economic growth is significant for Africa and Africans. In addition, individuals can diversify investments in different portfolios.

According to World Population Review, Africa is the poorest continent on earth with over 1 billion people living in poverty. Businesses that can move the needle are important. Finding ways to increase the amount of money that goes into venture capital can produce a significant economic impact.

The Business

GetEquity is a platform that allows African startups to raise money through a crowdfunding mechanism investing as little as $10. 

Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to raise capital from the traditional sources that their counterparts might turn to in developed countries such as banks and government grants.

Alternative platforms such as GetEquity allow them to raise money seamlessly from friends and fans. Furthermore, for investors it provides a way that even people on lower incomes than typical VC LP’s can diversify their investments.

Similarly, GetEquity is a private marketplace for investors and companies to trade digital securities and assets privately and securely, the platform allows companies or enterprises digitalise their assets via tokens and creates liquidity for them by connecting them to investors and syndicates who can buy and sell these assets.


Jude Dike is the CEO & Co-Founder of GetEquity. He has an Engineering degree in Computer Science from the University of Lagos and has been programming professionally for over 6 years.
He is an avid learner of new technologies, and has worked on projects with companies in Nigeria, UK and Canada across varied skill sets spanning Fullstack development, Devops, Ethereum Blockchain and Machine Learning.

William Okafor is the CTO & Co-Founder of GetEquity. He is a software developer and a tech enthusiast who is passionate about using cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking to solve relevant problems.

Temitope Babatunde Ekundayo is the Head of Growth & Co-Founder of GetEquity. He creates Marketing, Growth, Sales, CX strategies to scale up and grow Technology companies. He is an experienced entrepreneur with 10 years of background across Technology, Consulting, Advertisement, Marketing, Agency, VAS/Telecommunication, Social Impact, and Print Production helping business define their channels to grow.

Get Equity is led by an exemplary team, in a market where small amounts of capital can make a huge difference for entrepreneurs, businesses, and the overall economy. 

That’s why we are honored to be backing this great company.

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